Along with the calming inspirational decor, our studio is equipped with a surround sound stereo system, skylight, PaviGym joint-supportive padded flooring, Crystal Sound Healing Bowls, Essential Oils, and towels. We provide props for all yoga classes including top-of-the-line Jade Yoga Mats, Bolster cushions, cork and foam blocks, straps, and blankets for all yoga classes. Our classes are all taught by full-time professional yoga instructors with backgrounds in multiple yoga modalities. Whether you are looking to stretch more, breathe deeper, or find more body awareness, we have a class for you! Classes include: Mat Pilates, Yogilates(Yoga and Pilates Fusion), Foundations and basic Yoga(Yoga for Beginners), Slow Flow (Hatha Vinyasa Yoga for beginners), All Levels Vinyasa Flow Yoga(Vinyasa Yoga), Ritual Flow(Vinyasa Yoga), Strength Flow (Vinyasa Yoga), Power Hour(Vinyasa Yoga), Stretch and restore(Restorative Yoga), and Deep stretch (Hatha Yoga).

Know Before you Go:

We recommend you arrive 5 minutes early for class. Lockers are available right outside the studio to place shoes and all other belongings. Mats and other accessories are provided by the studio, but you are welcome to bring your own.

(In order: Most gentle to most dynamic)

Stretch and Restore (Restorative Yoga) This class is essential for everyone. It will complement any strength training routine with gentle stretching and recovery exercises. The class is done from a reclined or seated position, making it great for anyone with injuries or limitations. Through consistent practice, this class will transform your flexibility, mobility, and mind-body connection. Plan to relax and restore.*

Deep Stretch(Hatha Yoga) Start your morning off right with a gentle awakening sequence of deep stretches in this Restorative Yoga class. Learn to effortlessly ease in and out of stretches while finding mental and physical comfort. Plan to feel refreshed, open, and ready to take on the day when you walk out of class. This class is open to all levels of practice.*

Slow Flow(Hatha-Vinyasa Yoga) Start your morning off right with a gentle Vinyasa slow flow. Learn to effortlessly move through poses designed to make the body feel open and refreshed for the day ahead. This moving meditation flow is for all levels of practice, and the pace makes it great for beginners. *

Mat Pilates Develop strength and stabilization throughout the core, providing a foundation for not only strength, but also flexibility, mobility, and coordination throughout the entire body. This class in our Pilates Studio is a great way to strengthen the muscles that aid in posture correction and improvement. All levels will enjoy this format.

Yogilates(Yoga/Pilates Fusion) The strength building of a Pilates class with the flexibility improvements of a yoga class. This classis great if you want 2 in 1 benefits, or a more strength based yoga experience. Suitable for all levels.

All Levels Vinyasa This is a vinyasa class. Learn to effortlessly flow through sun salutations, balancing poses, backbends, hip openers, and inversions. Plan to feel refreshed and open after this moving meditation flow. This class is for all levels, however we recommend a slow flow class first if you are newer to yoga.

Strength Vinyasa This is a Vinyasa Class. Learn to effortlessly flow through sun salutations, balancing poses, backbends, hip-openers, and inversions while tuning into your internal and external strength. Plan to feel refreshed and open after this moving meditation flow. This class is advanced, we recommend a more foundational class or all levels flow first if you are new to yoga.*

Power Vinyasa Get a healthy sweat during your lunch break with Power Hour. This vigorous vinyasa yoga practice will test your strength in a holistic way, with plenty of options to amplify or modify the sequence. This is an advanced class, we recommend trying a more foundational or all level Vinyasa flow class first if you are new to yoga.*