Specialized Athletic Training




PLSC is excited to have 3 in 1 Elite spearhead our sports conditioning program. 3 in 1 optimizes athletic performance for high school, collegiate and professional athletes. They focus on the body’s adaptation to stress and how it affects performance. Their methods apply biomechanics and the latest science surrounding the nervous system to eliminate compensation and poor movement patterns unlocking potential and relative strength and speed.


1 on 1 sport conditioning coaching is available including: 

  • Performance assessment and testing which highlights the athlete's strengths and weaknesses

  • Custom 5 week Transform Your Performance program including strength, conditioning, speed, explosiveness and neural drills that unlock full potential 

  • Comprehensive Fuel Your Performance nutrition program  

  • Address and rapidly heal any pain sites

For a smaller investment, our Transform Your Performance program includes focus-based performance classes with like-minded athletes that want to improve their game at an affordable rate. We will isolate each significant component while incorporating visual and balance corrective techniques. This allows us to accommodate specialized goals in the most efficient way possible. One example is how our ballistic movements produce type IIx muscle fibers for explosiveness and visual training to produce greater stimulus for nervous system adaptation, while reducing overall stress and enhancing speed. In-season and off-season athletes welcome. 


12 Week Transform Your Performance Program includes 3x/week Performance Coaching offered at different times throughout the day for your convenience. While other facilities train bigger, faster, stronger, 3in1 Sports Conditioning trains smarter not harder. Trust the science. 

-Speed Development and Conditioning

-Explosive Power and Strength

-Injury Prevention and Recovery

-Gameday Prep


  • Neural Flow Assessments & Testing to unlock FULL potential

  • Fuel Your Performance Program includes: grocery list, tips, meal options & more (sold separately)

  • Support through Private 3 in 1 Elite Team FB Group

  • Monthly “Keep It Up” Coaching Calls

  • Elite Accountability Folder to measure progress with weekly workouts

  • Access to a world class facility POINT LOMA SPORTS CLUB 3X/WEEK