Jessica Rubin

Since the age of 16, Jessica has been leading various fitness classes and group exercise formats. Her passion is to make exercise fun and accessible to anyone and everyone who wishes to better their health and life. Her classes incorporate effective functional exercises to improve balance, coordination, muscular strength, and mobility.

Couron Marselle

Years of passion and experience in the world of physical fitness and athleticism naturally led Couron to love his work as a fitness instructor. Certified by the National Academy of Sports Medicine and always a continuing student, Couron combines cutting edge techniques with tried-and-true traditions to help get his participants strong, fit, flexible and healthy. Through positive and humorous energy, Couron keeps his classes enjoyable and effective.

Miles Levine

Over the past decade, Miles has worked with everyone from professional and Olympic athletes to  senior citizens coming in for their first workout. Miles has the experience to help you reach all of your goals and help you be the best that you can be. His goal is to get you looking great, feeling great, and being great; improving your physical, mental and spiritual health so that you may share it with everyone in your life.


Jerome Gross

 Jerome has over 20 of experience in yoga, yoga therapy, meditation, chi gong, NLP, clinical hypnotherapy, mindfulness training, fitness strength and conditioning and coaching sprinters and distance runners. He literally teaches everything from athletic bootcamp to restorative yoga!  Join Jerome for an energizing and uplifting group fitness experience.


Chelsea Butler

Originally from Indiana, Chelsea moved to San Diego in 2015. After avidly taking fitness classes and seeing the results she wanted to help people reach their goals through her passion for exercise. With a Bachelors degree in science and a background in nutrition, she takes her knowledge of the human body and applies it to her classes. She enjoys getting creative with her workouts and pushing her clients to their limits.

Nicole Nazzarese

Nicole started her fitness journey wanting nothing more than her health and happiness back.  her personal goals bloomed into something much more! From the first BodyPump class she was hooked.  Nicole loves the sweat, muscle gains, music, intensity, and social aspect of each class.  Nicole aims to help people experience the life changing effects of what group fitness gave her.  One rep at a time, Nicole is on a mission to make your goals a reality! 

Shaily Jariwala

Shaily has been teaching Les Mills BodyPump for 3 years and is certified in various other Les Mills formats. She brings a unique fun energy to her classes and is passionate about fitness, sports and anything active!  Shaily's friendly bubbly energy will make the workout go by fast, keeping each minute enjoyable and effective!

Karena Thompson

Beginning her fitness career as a competitive soccer player, Karena found her love for fitness early on.  While pursuing her bachelors degree at Cal Poly Pomona, Karena created a health and fitness blog "Tea Tanned and Toned" that quickly turned her into a renowned fitness blogger and role model.  Karena found her love for teaching group fitness while working at PLSC, and brings her bubbly personality and motivation to each and every class she teaches.


Derek Scott

After competing as a top pole vaulter at USC and spending almost two decades in the gym, Derek developed a deep intuition for health & fitness. He is compelled to share his passion and help others reach their personal health & fitness goals. Whether the goal is to lose fat, add muscle, or simply to feel good, Derek has the knowledge and experience it takes to produce changes and see results.   His philosophy is that every human has the potential to achieve their own version of greatness, and that greatness begins within the body. Your relationship with your body affects your senses and perceptions of the world – shaping thoughts and feelings on a moment-to-moment basis.  Derek's classes are fun, result driven, and enjoyable from start to finish.


Abe Al-Baba

Abe has over 15 years of experience in the fitness industry.  His experience with kickboxing began when Abe worked as a Strength and Conditioning coach for MMA Fighters.  This allowed Abe to learn more about the sport, and later lead him to fight in a few kickboxing matches.  Abe brings his knowledge, result driven programs, and positive energy to each class, and encourages all to give it a try!