PLSC is proud to partner with Abe of 3 in 1 Elite and offer optimized brain function and performance. Enhanced Neuro Performance can consists of jumping higher, running faster, and/or becoming stronger. It could also include improving your work performance of making sharper and quicker decisions, improving your attention and/or focus. 

If it involves the brain, Abe has you covered! Additional services include:

  • Pain Relief & Rehabilitation  

  • Muscle Tears and Pulls

  • Concussion/TBI Rehab & Prevention

  • Sport Specific Movement Training 

  • Stamina, Flexibility & Breathing

  • Neuro Nutrition Coaching 

  • Elimination of Gut Irritability and Irritable Bowel Syndrome 

  • Fibromyalgia

  • Post-Trauma

  • Car Accident Recovery 

  • Fascial Release

  • Dermal Scar Healing

  • Improved Vision 

  • Improved Learning Abilities

  • Improved Reading Comprehension

  • Improved Symptoms of Neurological Disorders

  • Improvements in Vertigo, Motion Sickness, Migraines and Frequent Headaches

How does it work?

First, understand that the brain controls everything and it’s primary goal is to survive. It's survival rate is constantly calculated via 4 input systems:

  1. Proprioception - Your body's awareness in space and how well you move

  2. Vision - How well you see 

  3. Vestibular - How well you can balance through our inner ear

  4. Interoception - Your internal awareness of our body including: breathing, digesting, autonomics and how your muscles feel (fascia)  

Based on the quality input your brain receives via these systems, it creates the appropriate output, or your performance of running, jumping, sensation of pain, mental attention, focus, etc. 3 in Elite offers a neural performance flow assessment where we identify any input deficiencies that hold back your performance. More importantly, we provide drills that improve these parts of the brain which optimize your performance. 


Meet Your Neuro Performance Coach: Abe Al-Baba EP-C, PN L1, Z-Health Practitioner
I truly want to empower people. I want to help show them through proper education and understanding, they can heal themselves. 

My experience and education in neuroscience has given me the ability to rapidly heal pain or enhance athletic performance, and unlock my client's full potential within a few sessions.
My aim is to provide the brain with the most appropriate input to get amazing output. An individual’s lifestyle, injuries, surgeries, traumas, etc. will affect these inputs and affect our output/performance. With a thorough assessment, we explore and confirm the input that need specific focus to reach each individual’s optimal performance.

I look forward to unlocking your full potential and achieving goals you never knew you were capable of!


Z-Health Neuro Sports Performance Specialist | 9 completed certifications including: Rehab & Neural Re-education (R-Phase), Vision & Vestibular (I-Phase), Sport (S-Phase), Therapy (T-Phase), Structure, Speed, Strength & Suppleness, Skill & Style 

American College of Sports Medicine & EP-C Exercise Physiologist Certified

Precision Nutrition Level 1 Certified 

National Association of Sports Nutrition | LPSN Licensed Primary Sports Nutritionist 

To Schedule a Neuro Performance consultation, please email or call the club at (619)582-2582