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When you join Point Loma Sports Club, you are not just joining a gym. You are joining a community of support to help you reach your goals and live happy and healthy.


 Our product is so much more than fitness.  People come to see us for three reasons…

-Our Facilities

-Our Community

-Our Atmosphere

That a health club should be about so much more than fitness. It should be a place where you not only exercise your body, but you also get an emotionally uplifting experience.

We are not in the fitness business serving people, we are in the people business serving fitness.  We meet people on a high level, where they are treated positively, where we go out of our way to make them feel special, where they’re welcomed with a smile… the experience stands out.

People are looking for a place, outside of home or work, to be recharged and be part of a positive experience.   Everything here is top of the line, from our equipment to our classes to our programs to our staff.  We approach our members with respect, intelligence, strength, humor, and energy. We treat people as we would a respected friend of the family.

To continuously create a culture that enhances the physical, the emotional, and the spiritual well being of every individual that walks through our doors


                                            A Message From Our Founder


Point Loma Sports Club was born of a belief that a Health Club should be about so much more than exercise.  It should be a place where people come to be energized and revitalized.  An oasis to escape the chaos of the world around us and be uplifted both emotionally and spiritually.  The design, from the layout to the equipment to the staff, is all about supporting the vision that Point Loma Sports Club is a place where people of all shapes, sizes, and levels of fitness ability can come to enhance their physical, spiritual, and emotional well being.  I feel immense gratitude for everyone involved, from our awesome staff to our wonderful members, in making this vision a reality. 



There are many factors that go into selecting which fitness club to join.  The most important is finding a club that suits your needs, has members like you. A place where you feel comfortable, and are proud to belong.  At Point Loma Sports Club, we are honored every time someone decides to join our family.

We offer unlimited pathways to achieve your goals.  You will enjoy an environment that provides positive engagement, honest and open communication, along with customized programs.  This will result in optimal physical fitness and well being.

Seeing is believing. Once you've been inside our amazing 23,000 square foot facility, you wont want to leave!

We'll help you select the perfect membership option that best suits your schedule and budget.  Choose a no enrollment fee option, or select a plan where you can pay an enrollment fee and reduce your monthly dues. Membership plans are on a month-to-month basis so there is no long term commitment, We believe in earning your business one great workout experience at a time.  If you're only in San Diego for a short while, we have short term memberships, and even weekly and daily rates available as well.

To request additional info and current rates, visit the club or call our concierge desk at (619) 582-2582.




Group Classes

With nearly 60 classes per week, there is something for everyone! Recover from a hardcore workout in our Candlelight Stretch and Restore yoga class, join the party in our Rhythm Cycle class, or build strength in our Total Body Circuit Class. The possibilities are endless! View our class schedule here.




Our concierge desk is always here for you. We are happy to answer all of your questions and are here to help with any needs. 




We will focus on your kids while you focus on working out. Your children will enjoy our clean, fun-filled play area, packed with toys, movies, coloring books and the chance to play with new friends. They will be closely supervised at all times. 




All members at Point Loma Sports Club have access to our towel service. Plush sauna and shower towels are always stocked in our locker rooms, while you can find hand towels and cold eucalyptus towels throughout our facility.





All of our private individual shower stalls are equipped with quality shampoo and body wash for your use.




The radiant heat from our Far Infrared Sauna surrounds you and penetrates into your joints, muscles and tissues, speeding oxygen flow and increasing circulation. 

The main benefits:  Improves skin complexion, Expels toxins supporting proper immune function and helps prevent diseases related to toxic overload, kills viruses and bacteria, helps improve blood circulation, helps relieve stress and promote mental relaxation, and Improves muscle relaxation






You no longer have to bring your own lock to the gym.  Simply choose 4-digit code, lock your locker, and your belongings are secured! Our day-use lockers are available to all.  If you would like to rent your own locker monthly, we offer a space in our executive locker section.





Our stretching sanctuary is over 750 square feet in size, allowing plenty of uncrowded space to stretch out after your workout. The floor is wall to wall Pavigym padding which provides an extra cushion to stretch on.  Our stretching sanctuary also offers the Technogym Flexibility line of equipment, a Precor stretch trainer, stability balls and foam rollers, as well as calming music. This is all designed to make your stretching experience more enjoyable than ever.



Therapeutic Bodywork

We offer a wide variety of therapeutic body work in our wellness center, including massage, chiropractic, acupuncture, myofascial release, mobilization of joints and neural tissue, cranial sacral techniques, cupping, and more! These healing modalities will release tension, and muscle stress, helping to create a healthy and balanced body. 



InBody Comprehensive Body Fat Testing

The InBody 570 body composition analyzer goes beyond traditional body composition analysis, measuring fat, muscle, and total body water. Total body water data can be divided into intracellular water and extracellular water, values important for understanding a user’s fluid distribution in medical, wellness and fitness contexts.


Nutrition/Functional Lab Testing

Within our wellness center we offer functional diagnostic nutrition, a fantastic method to get your health on the right track and find the root cause of any symptoms you may be struggling with. Learn more about FDN here

What Our Members Are Saying About Us

Where do I even begin?  This gym has easily become one of my favorite places to go. The staff are absolutely amazing. They know you by name and care about your well-being and goals.  They will help you with anything that you need and encourage you at every step of the way.  The facility is kept clean and the equipment is very nice.  The classes will kick your butt (in all the right ways of course) and you will leave feeling like a champ.  The vibes are so great. There are also so many options and rooms that cater to just about anything you wish to do. My fitness journey only continues to get more exciting because of this place! So thankful to be a member of this gym!! 10/10 recommend (: -Riansimone H.

I have been going to this gym for 3 years now and it has become my home gym in San Diego. The facility is the best I have ever been to and I always look forward to working out there. The owner Gary can even be seen working out on the gym floor at most times (not many gym owners do that) which shows his dedication and commitment to his gym. The staff is always friendly and upbeat. 100% recommend this gym. -Jules F

Let me start this review by saying this: gyms have always made me feel kind of insecure. The loud grunts and huge muscles and selfies (belfies?) and protein powder plopping out of branded gym bags- it's all a little too much for me. I did my research and I wanted to find a gym that was high end - from the staff to the machines to the facility and the clientele - but in a price range that works well for me. I found it! Point Loma Sports Club is top notch in SD. After living in LA (Santa Monica) for years and being a member of a very expensive gym there, I feel so glad to have found Point Loma Sports Club. I now know that I was previously overpaying at for a facility that was all too often overcrowded and a bit pretentious. Point Loma Sports Club has a very professional and knowledgeable staff that made me feel comfortable from the moment I called to inquire about a membership down to the day that I decided to sign up. On top of that, I was offered a complimentary consultation and personal training session that helped me navigate the gym and feel more confident in using some of the equipment that I was less familiar with (the tires!). I love to do spin class and I have been part of more expensive studios both in LA and here in SD. I was shocked to see the spin studio in this gym looks like it belongs in its own building! It is huge, has a cool ambiance (think SoulCycle/SparkCycle) and fun instructors. I did have to change the cleats on my spin shoes to SPD to fit these bikes. And the yoga studio is HUGE and gorgeous. Serious hidden gem here in SD. My best friend has worked out with me a few times here and she has 2 young babies. She told me she felt confident leaving them in their kids room. The gym is always clean, nice cold eucalyptus towels (which are my favorite!) are offered and, the locker rooms are large! There is even a sauna in the locker room, which is lovely. Lots of showers to get ready before work and even blow dryers for us ladies. Thanks, PLSC Team, for making me feel confident in the gym and in my own skin! -Danielle R

PLSC is the best gym in town hands down. Super clean, amazing class schedule, new equipment and best of all, a positive workout environment!! It's worth the investment 100%!!! -Kristen N

Top notch club with a positive staff and state of the art equipment. Everyone is helpful and all the trainers are dedicated and inciteful. A great place to workout. Clean gym with showers and lockers available as well. - Jim W

Friendly staff! They have a great variety of machines, and classes. I love the chilled eucalyptus towels for your post work out. The facility is clean, and well maintained. Thanks PLSC. -Veronica C

I like that the facility is always clean and orderly. I also like how welcoming everyone, including staff and members, are and how it makes me feel comfortable. I like the variety of classes offered and feel that the classes are led by enthusiastic, competent, staff who always seem to be able to help and facilitate the varied needs of class participants. I never feel like I am neglected because I do not know what is going on in a class (I often feel like I do not know what I am doing, but I never feel judged or excluded because of it, thank you!) It is my impression that you are always trying to improve the member experience and I think that is great. Not that it is not already amazing, but I truly feel everyone is passionate and committed to members getting the most out of their experience. -Lara M. 

I haven't been an avid gym goer... ever. Matter-of-fact, I haven't even had a gym membership until joining Point Loma Sports Club. I've done my research on gyms in the area, including the free trial periods and personal training sessions. The level of customer service, expert care, and the quality of the facility at Point Loma Sports Club surpasses all of its competitors. After attending several of the group fitness classes, and meeting with some of the trainers, I felt at ease for the first time to actually join a gym because of the care and professional advice that was given to me. I'm happy to be here, and excited for furthering my fitness goals at Point Loma Sports Club! -Michael C

I recently joined PLSC and have been so happy I did ever since. The club is pristine. There is always parking, never over crowding in the gym. The spin classes are my favorite! And the separate yoga room is peaceful. The locker rooms are always clean and the sauna is the best to finish up a workout with. I will never go to any other gym. This is it! -Hailey H

I recently moved to San Diego and after checking out almost every gym in the area, I was so stoked to find this place. Best equipment, best people, best classes, best everything. Could not have asked for a more supportive and fun environment to workout in. From the moment you walk in, everyone is so friendly, making you feel completely comfortable and welcome. I love that they offer so many different kinds of classes all throughout the day. All the trainers and instructors are extremely knowledgable and helpful. If you are looking for a 5 star gym at an affordable price, this is the place to be. -Kathryn M


Where First Class Service meets First Class Amenities!