What is FDN?

Functional Diagnostic Nutrition® (FDN) is a methodology used to recover and maintain the best health possible.  Through this method, we investigate underlying causes of unwanted conditions including lifestyle, the environment and individual weak links in metabolism.   We investigate dysfunction and imbalances within the hormone, immune, digestion, detoxification and energy production systems and the application of all-natural protocols that work non-specifically. By working together to build function in these areas, and actively preventing contributors to Metabolic Chaos, we find many symptoms and diseases simply disappear over time as normal function and health are restored.   For most chronic stress-related conditions, FDN is all a client needs to do to get better.   For those with a serious medical condition, FDN is a proven stabilizer and holistic grounding program, adjunctive to the medical attention they may receive.

Our customizable FDN Health Success protocols positively affect every cell, tissue, organ and system (the entire organism), strengthening weak links in metabolism and restoring healthy function.   In thousands of cases we've shown that, guided by functional lab work, general principles of health building can outperform specific treatments.

In a nutshell, The FDN Plan is a four-step program that begins with comprehensive lab testing to determine the root cause of any ailments/symptoms our clients may be faced with. From there, we create a health plan based on the test results and our client’s history. We then work together as a team to help our clients integrate the plan into their lifestyle. The plan incorporated diet, rest, exercise, stress reduction, and nutrient supplementation.

What do we test for?

When beginning with FDN, in order to detect the root cause of most symptoms, we must start with the basics. Below are our 5 initial lab tests. For most people, we can find the cause and address the issue through these 5 tests; but if not, there are several other more specific tests that we can follow up with.

  • Adrenal Stress Profile (Salivary)

    -Evaluates Steroidal Hormone Balance & pathways

    -Gives us clues about hidden stressors and other malfunctions

  • Metabolic Assessment Profile (Urine)


  • Intestinal Barrier Function Test (Salivary)

    -Assesses the mucosal surface integrity in the gut for antibodies and chronic infection

  • GI Pathogen Screen (Stool)

    • Intestinal microflora screen – tests parasites and pathogens

  • Signet Mediator Release Test

    • Tests for 150 food and chemical allergies


Meet Your Practitioner: Jessica Rubin FDN-P

“My journey in the field of health began when I started teaching fitness classes in high school. Although I initially began this career because of an interest in fitness alone, my interest quickly shift into a passion about developing overall health. In this epiphany, immediately shifted to a plant-based whole food diet, participated in countless health courses and seminars, and developed a strong yoga/meditation practice. Over the years, I have versed myself in countless health research, personal experiments, trial and error, etc on a mission to find what really works, and once I came across Functional Diagnostic Nutrition, I became confident that I can successfully help more people achieve optimal health than just myself.

The thing is, we are all subjecting ourselves to certain triggers for “Metabolic Chaos” in our daily lives. Whether it be the toxins in the air we breath, the water we drink, or foods we consume. At this day in age, this is something that is near impossible to stay away from entirely. However, through my practices of educating my clients on subtle tweaks we can make to their health routine, I have found enormous success. I can tell you first hand that when we are caught in the viscous cycle of trial and error, it can feel endless, stressful, and at times hopeless. That is why, with FDN, we get to the bottom of things right away. Together, we will work to find the root cause of your symptoms, and then we will address them. Simple as that.”


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