Our Equipment

We offer the highest quality, newest equipment in the industry. We are constantly adding in new equipment to our weight room and functional training arena so that you can get the best workout of your life. Check out some of our equipment below. If there’s something you don’t see below, we probably still have it- email info@plsportsclub.com for specific equipment questions, or come see for yourself!

Precor's EFX Elliptical offers a top of the line experience unmatched by any other elliptical trainer.  Complete with CrossRamp technology, providing 20 different settings (13-40 degree ramp incline) to target different muscle groups.  All of our Precor cardio systems are complete with the Preva system that allows you to keep track of every workout with duration of time, calories burned, as well as distance traveled; this all is taken to the next level with the ability to set weekly goals with the system as well.  Additionally, all of our Precor cardio equipment comes complete with personal TV’s, iPod connections, and internet access.


The AMT is the newest piece of cardio equipment being made available in fitness facilities today.  The AMT provides users with the ability to take individual stride lengths in a motion similar to a jog or sprint all while keeping low impact on the joints.  This offers less restriction than your traditional elliptical as well as less joint impact than the treadmill, the AMT makes for an unique cardio workout experience.


Enjoy an unmatched cardio experience with our FreeMotion i11.9 treadmill.  This treadmill allows a workout unlike any other treadmill on the market.  Complete with iFit Technology, you will be amazed by the large full-color touch screen with mind-blowing features, including the ability to watch T.V, read emails, watch sports highlights, and even get on Facebook.  Also, powered by Google Maps, you have the ability to virtually run through anywhere in the world!  Get more from your workouts, becausewith up to a 30% incline, you will strengthen and sculpt your glutes and quads.  Not only do you have the ability to train at an incline, you now can train at as much 3% decline as well! 

X-FORCE Functional Training Apparatus

X-FORCE Functional Training Apparatus is the top piece of functional cross- training equipment available today.  Hosting multiple pull up bars, monkey bars, rope pulley systems, Viking press stations, and endless variations of functional exercises.  This piece alone can provide someone with a full functional cross-training workout program.  There are hundreds of different exercises for your entire body made available by use of the X-FORCE.  Stop by our facility and put your body through a functional workout that will take your fitness to the next level.


The Hoist ROC-IT line delivers a groundbreaking unique spin on your traditional weight training machines.  This line integrates the user by continually adjusting during the course of the entire movement.  This benefits the user by activating the core and protecting joints in ways unmatched by any other machine.  These machines are not only built for delivering results with built in footrests and water bottle storage containers; you will achieve your dream physique in comfort.  Come take a ride on the ROC-IT today!


The Gravity Board has become one of the most sought after pieces in any fitness facility in San Diego; at PLSC we carry only the top of the line Total Gyms.  This piece will allow you to work balance, strength, stability, coordination, and endurance through intense, low impact movements, providing you with safety while giving you an amazing workout.  This piece will give anyone the ability to perform advanced movements such as Pull Ups and Jump Squats, along with dozens more that defy gravity.  The Gravity Total Gym is suitable for any fitness level, as it has multiple adjustment levels, providing the beginner to the seasoned gym veteran with a suitable workout.


Not only have we made Olympic Lifting Platforms available at PLSC,  we have completed them with Power Cages, Barbells, and Bumper Plates from best name in the industry, Rogue.  We offer Rogue Olympic Lifting Bars, Power Bars, Hex Bars, and Practice Bars to perfect your Olympic Lifting and Powerlifting technique.  The difference in quality of equipment from your average gym in San Diego will have you setting personal records. 


The Bulgarian Bag is a fantastic way to build muscular endurance with the grip, wrists, arms, shoulders, back, legs, and core.  It also aids in building core musculature, coordination, and improving overall shoulder and joint mobility.  Because of it’s unique shape, the Bulgarian Bag in San Diego has the ability to develop quickness and agility in ways that traditional weights and machines cannot.  We offer classes for members in San Diego to learn how to incorporate this amazing piece into their own regime.


Feel a cable workout like never before.  The FreeMotion Dual Cable Cross system provides hundreds of exercises to build strength, stability, and coordination.  Complete with 12 vertical and 9 horizontal settings, you can work through any movement pattern imaginable.  Enjoy a workout in San Diego for any body part in the most functional way with the dual cable cross.

The Kinesis line has revolutionized how fitness equipment will be made in the future.  The Kinesis offers many more options in exercise than your average isolated weight-loading piece, through its ability to move in multiple planes of motion and ability to adjust handles freely through movement without wasting time.  The Kinesis handle placement has been calibrated to help avoid injury by protecting joints and ligaments with safe movement patterns, the movement is always correct with Kinesis.  We're happy to host one of the most user-friendly lines of equipment available; suitable for anyone’s level of fitness… give it a try today!


The TechnoGym PURE STRENGTH Plate Loaded line has set a new standard for plate loaded machines.  No other Plate Loaded machine has been calibrated to put your body through optimal biomechanics ensuring both safety and peak performance.  Complete with independent movement arms, your body will achieve better stability, balance, and strength, as well as the ability to perform unilateral exercise.  TechnoGym also boasts memory foam padded cushioning for optimal comfort while performing exercises.


TechnoGym had made improving flexibility easy through it’s “FLEXability” line. We carry both pieces targeting the posterior chain as well as the anterior. These machines possess an all-new innovative technological system that allows users to gently elongate muscle through multiple small increments ensuring the safest and most effective stretch possible. FLEXability is also the only piece of equipment that provides the ability to visually measure improvements in joint flexibility through its built in integrated feedback system. Also, complete with memory foam padded cushioning, you will reach your optimal flexibility while enjoying the upmost comfort.



Come build Strength, Speed, Power, and Endurance at our Athletic Performance Enhancement wing.  Complete with Turf, Prowler Sleds, Battle Ropes, Tires, and Gladiator Walls.  We offer a complete athletic performance enhancement facility in San Diego with all the tools needed to take your athleticism and physique to new levels.


Hoist’s 8 Station Cable System provides a perfect platform to isolate multiple muscle groups.  Hosting two separate Lat Pull Down and Row Stations, you have the ability to traditionally perform these exercises as well as in an Iso-Lateral fashion, targeting one side of the body at a time for more stability and core focus.  Featuring a multi adjustable cross cable system, any standing exercise is made possible with hoist’s ultra smooth cable movements.  Each end of the system also offers a tricep pushdown system tailored to meet the needs of any user.



Nautilus has perfected the Stair Climber with their new K-2 line.  Offering 20 levels of resistance, as well as 20-165 steps per minute, it will accommodate any fitness level.  Functions are operated from an entertainment touch screen with multiple features such as Ipod connectivity and charging capability, as well as integrated analog and digital TV.  Keep your cool throughout your workout with the K-2’s built in fan cooling system.  Step up your fitness in San Diego with this next level stair climber. 



The Concept 2 Rower is an excellent way to integrate cardio with full body strength training.  The Concept 2 Rower offers 10 different levels of resistance, making it perfect for any user.  The wide range of motion made available with every row promotes flexibility in your muscles and joints. You can row for cross-training, fitness, rehabilitation, weight control, competition, community, or pleasure. 


Kettle Bells are one of the most versatile pieces of exercise equipment one can master.  The Kettle Bell gives you the ability to build strength, endurance, power, coordination, speed, and balance, along with much more.  Proper use will promote both fat loss and lean muscle gain all while keeping your regimen fun and exciting.  Not only do we carry Kettle Bell’s, we boast Power System’s Competition Style line which will provide you with a workout unmatched by any other style.


When it comes to bodyweight exercise, no other piece of equipment matches the TRX.  TRX has the ability to work your entire body with just your bodyweight while constantly strengthening your core.  Not only will this piece give you the aesthetic benefits you’re looking for, but it will improve your body’s ability to move throughout everyday activities.  At PLSC in San Diego we offer a full collection of TRX straps and even provide classes for you to learn to use them.  Stop in today for a class in San Diego!