Jessica Rubin

Get ready to sweat your way to your fullest potential, and have nothing short of a blast doing it. Jess has been leading sweat drenched rides since age 16. For her it’s all about the 'party on a bike' vibe, her goal is to get you energized, motivated, and confident.  Jessica eloquently choreographs her class to the beat of the music, making each minute so enjoyable that riders forget they are working out.  Come ride with Jess and join the party!


Natalie Siegler

Natalie has worked in the fitness field for over 13 years, and has a huge passion for helping people achieve their goals.  Her power classes will have you feeling empowered and motivated on and off the bike.  If you are serious about your fitness journey, and ready to get incredible results, join Natalie in class and climb the hill. She will keep you riding until you reach the top!

Couron Marselle

Get ready for an energy boost with Couron's Power Cycle! Couron is known for his authentic and uplifting personality that will keep you smiling throughout the entire workout.  He is there for you with humor, determination, knowledge and commitment; and his goal is to help you achieve your goals.  When you cycle with Couron, you will not hold back.  Get excited for the most positive and enjoyable power cycle yet!

Rose Garza

Rose has a huge passion for spinning and for getting people moving! Her classes are beat driven, fun, and challenging! Rose will push you to be the best you can be while you dance on the bike to her creative choreography.  If you like to move to the rhythm and test your strength, Rose is here for you!


Jenna Jaquish

Show up, clip in, and get ready to ride. No matter your fitness level, Jenna is ready to encourage, inspire, and challenge you to go faster and harder than you have before. Get energized with a playlist that will make you not want to get off the bike. You can expect to leave the room stronger, glistening with sweat, and with a sense of accomplishment that will last all day! 



Jenna Van Cleve

Jenna is an Ironman All World Athlete and has been competing in triathlons since 2010. She qualified for The Boston Marathon in 2015. Jenna currently races on the Rehab United Elite triathlon team and races for the Team Nuun Elite team. Jenna is passionate about fitness, wellness, and healthy living, while also being AFAA certified. Jenna hopes that her goals as a competitive athlete will inspire her students and encourage them to pursue their own fitness goals. Jenna’s Spin classes are always fun an enjoyable, as well as challenging.


Nina Klein

After ten years of gymnastics, acrobatics and dance, Nina became a personal trainer as well as youth and group fitness instructor through NASM in 2013. Since then she's been working in the field of health and fitness and helping countless people reach their goals through highly efficient workouts. She loves teaching classes that require high energy and loud music, and her positive and genuine personality will leave you feeling warm and welcome. As a current dancer in house and techno, as well as brazilien samba, she absolutely loves feeding off of fast beats and will make you forget you are working out! Join her workouts and watch yourself transform!


Selena Gladstone

Selena has been a spin enthusiast for many years, she began taking classes in high school while she was a competitive figure skater. She loves the energy and atmosphere of spin classes and always brings the party! Take her class and enjoy great music and endless motivation.


Srob Oberman-Breindel

Srob is an avid road cyclist and spinner. She rides a 200 mile race every year with her family to raise money for cancer research and has been taking spin classes for years. She is an outdoor enthusiast, a former elite soccer player and continues to compete for the San Diego Surfers Women's Rugby team. Expect to work hard and be met wherever you are in your fitness journey with a challenge to push yourself beyond your limits. Inspired by her love of music, she was a college radio DJ. Fun, fresh, upbeat and mixed genre playlists will motivate you as you work hard, have fun and enjoy an athletic ride. 


Rachel Barrington

Rachel grew up in Springfield, VA and became a NASM certified personal trainer in 2011. Shortly after, she began teaching small group classes for women on weights and hula hoop fitness and began practicing CrossFit, Pilates, and yoga. Her motivation for beginning this journey came from seeing parents who can’t run around with their kids or people who can’t do simple activities due to pain caused by a sedentary lifestyle and poor eating habits.  She became a trainer because she loves helping people and is very passionate about adding positivity and physical activity into everyday life.