Benefits of TRX Training

The TRX Suspension Trainer is one of the most effective pieces of equipment any fitness facility can offer in San Diego.  The TRX gives a complete workout within a fraction of time you spend jumping from machine to machine with a traditional workout routine.

The TRX is one of the ultimate tools to attaining your dream physique. No body part is left untrained with proper use of the TRX. There are hundreds of different exercises you can perform using only your own bodyweight!  Everyone, from the complete beginner to an advanced level athlete, can reap the benefits of the TRX Suspension Trainer!

Not only are we able to positively change our appearance, this revolutionary piece of equipment will also improve every aspect of our fitness such as strength, endurance, flexibility, balance and much more in San Diego.  From a functional aspect, it is the perfect tool, as it trains your core with almost every movement and gives you the ability to train in multiple planes of motion as well.

For a complete lesson on how to properly use the TRX, Point Loma Sports Club in San Diego offers TRX group classes with every membership for any level of fitness, led by elite level personal trainers in San Diego. We invite you to come to our facility in San Diego for a complimentary workout to first hand experience the benefits of the TRX in San Diego.

Golf Fitness for Seniors

Yes, it is inevitable that senior golfers will experience a decline in performance as they age, but that does not mean it has to be accepted without a fight. Our overall health and fitness level is a key determining factor of the incline or decline of our golf performance as we age. Staying and/or getting in good shape will undoubtedly improve our golf game in San Diego.

It is important for the senior golfer to find a golf fitness program in San Diego designed to fit their specific needs and have the proper progression from their current fitness level. All golfers primarily need to focus on strength, flexibility, and proper nutrition, and seniors are no exception. These important factors are necessary in the development of a balanced golf fitness program. Starting a program that is beyond your physical limitation, will only end in failure and frustration. Not only, will this be discouraging, but will likely be detrimental to your health.

It will not be hard to find a golf fitness program like the Golf Development Program at Point Loma Sports Club in San Diego, as they have become very popular. But beware, all golf fitness programs are not created equal. As a senior golfer, looking for an appropriate golf fitness program is very important. First, find a program that begins with an assessment of your current level of fitness. This is important, not only in determining ones strengths, but more importantly, to determine ones weaknesses and limitations. Once we have an assessment in place, it’s time to start your golf fitness program in San Diego. The best programs will focus on the needs of your body as determined by your assessment, in particular one that ‘awakens’ your body and increases your range of motion, which will in turn help improve your overall health and your golf game.

Fitness and Massage: Finding Balance in Whole-Body Health

When you have dedicated physical fitness program, you owe it to your body and your mind to receive a therapeutic massage session from one of your Symbiotic Body Balancing coaches at the Point Loma Sports Club in San Diego.

30 minutes on the mat with your Body Balancing Coach is all it takes to help move vital fluids and nutrients to your muscles in order to recover faster, increase range of motion and help promote strength and flexibility.  Not to mention it just feels great!

Booking a massage at Point Loma Sports Club in San Diego after your next workout with your Body Balancing Coach will help you achieve your goals faster and with less pain. You will be able to take on life’s challenges with greater ease and joy!

For those of you with specific needs they can be addressed in a customized one hour session in order to help break through specific challenges or plateaus in your health or fitness program in San Diego.

The Point Loma Sports Club staff in San Diego is YOUR TEAM.  Schedule with your Symbiotic Body Balancing Coach after your next workout or customize your own therapeutic massage session today in San Diego!