Nutritional Health

Excerpted from the book (“Your Emotional Fitness“)

We are all on a diet.  A diet is simply your eating habits.  Some diets are more beneficial to health and well being than others.  If you go on a specific diet to achieve a goal, and when the goal is achieved you “get back to normal”, the diet has not changed anything.  However, when you see your body as energy, and you see the food you intake as energy, you will make the right choices and have good health and proper weight.  It is through not being aware of your own body that you become unaware of what you are ingesting.  Make the food you eat a conscious choice, not something ruled by habit.  If you make food choices out of an utmost respect for this miracle that is your body, your weight will be at a healthy level, as will your energy and general health.

There is the raw food diet and the macrobiotic diet.  Both consist of healthy eating habits.   The raw diet consists of uncooked food, and the macrobiotic diet consists of all cooked food.  Both are good.  Both are healthy.  But they are opposite.  Which one is better?  Depends which expert you ask.  Is dairy good or bad for you?  How about animal protein?  Again, which expert are you asking?  How about coffee?  Red wine?

The conclusion to be found is that what works for one person may not be the best for another.  We all have different sensitivities, tolerances, and body types.  You know best how different foods make you feel.  Maybe you get tired and lethargic after certain foods.  Maybe certain foods make you feel light and good.  Be aware of your energy levels after eating.  Choose to create eating habits that work for you.   In fact, if you ask yourself the following two questions and obey the answers, your quality of life will improve.  What should you eat less of because it makes you feel tired or sluggish?   What should you eat more of because you feel energized and healthy?  Your body is always talking to you.  You must take the time to listen.

 A person who is overweight and “can’t” lose the weight is simply asking themselves the wrong questions.  They might ask “What would fill me up” or “what would taste the best?”  These questions only lead them to more unhappiness.  A better question might be “What would really be healthy for me and make me feel good?” or “What is something light and tasty that would give me good energy?”  A really good question to ask would be  “What will it cost me in quality of life if I don’t give up this overindulgence now, and how great would I feel if I did?”  That question will associate pain to overeating and pleasure to not overeating, which will cause a person to choose more wisely.

 Some people think they can change how they eat using will power.  However, this approach is in direct contrast to how we are wired.  We are wired to seek pleasure and avoid pain, and in this scenario we are using will power to avoid pleasure.  So if you want that jelly donut, please do not try to resist it in all its flavor and goodness.  You will just be torturing yourself and might eventually give in and eat the whole box.  Instead, see the jelly donut for all the pain it will cause you.  See the extra fat around your body and how the donut will make it worse.  See your reflection in the mirror and know that the donut will just add to your pain.  Now…you probably have no interest in that donut, because you want to move away from the pain it causes.  Remember, your mind is very powerful when you choose to be in control of it, and nothing means anything until you give it meaning.  So…make up stories and meanings that work for you, not against you.

The message is to choose the foods that make you feel good, light, and energetic, and choose the thoughts and beliefs that allow you to experience happiness…it’s that simple.  Bottom line…good nutrition and disease prevention is about more than just the food you eat.  It’s also about the thoughts you think.

When you get on a scale, remember that the scale will not tell you…how great a person you are, how much people love you, that you are amazing in ways a scale could not even begin to measure, and that you have the power within you to choose happiness.  Furthermore, your greatness will not be found on a scale, in the mirror, in a classroom, from reading articles such as this one, or from flattering comments from friends, family members, or lovers.  It is within you, so become conscious of the greatness that flows through you…and have gratitude for this beauty within you.




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Get Healthier With Your Diet

It is so hard in our day to day life to eat pure and nutritious foods.

I would like to give you some general guidelines on how to get healthier with your diet.
-Eat fruits and vegetables in a raw, natural state.
– Supermarkets often have to import produce from other parts of the world which means it is probably refrigerated for a long period of time. As much as you can SHOP LOCAL in San Diego!
– Avoid foods that have been tampered with in order to preserve them.
– It is thankfully getting easier and easier to get organic foods because of the increase in organic farming methods.
– Avoid processed food, white flour and sugar.
– Avoid foods that contain coloring, added sugar or salt and modified start or fats.
– Be sure to check the food labels before you buy. If you are unable to pronounce half the things on the label than that is a good clue that it has been majoring tampered with.
– Eat as many fresh fruits and vegetables as possible. When you cook your vegetables you destroy a lot of vitamins and enzymes.
– You may find it hard to eat the amount of raw vegetables you need every day. Truly the easiest way to change this is to add a veggie juice into your day.
This is a little more psychological but it is a great tip.
– Think about what you are eating. Don’t eat in a stressed or anxious state. Give attention to the food or the juice in front of you.
–  Gum diseases is a major problem in the United States today. You can even ‘chew’ your juice as a way to give your gums that extra strength they need.




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The Sprout

There are a multiple variety of sprouts..some of the most common are alfalfa (the least expensive, but also the most beneficial!), broccoli sprouts and clover sprouts bur there are also the less common like sunflower, buckwheat, pea and fennegreek sprouts.
Some of these need to be grown in dirt and some of these can be just grown in water.The water ones are so great because you can grow them anywhere.  Like I do in a jar in my cupboard.

Just how much more nutritious are these little miracles foods in comparison to other fruits and veggies?
THE ANSWER:They are about 500 TIMES more powerful than their counterparts that are not sprouted.

The least expensive and one of the most nutritious, the alfalfa sprout, in particular has something called, SAPRINON.  This stimulates the immune systems and activate the T-cell that fight free radicals and cancer.

So if you are trying to strengthen your immune system than adding sprouts is a number one priority.

IMPORTANT QUESTION: If you are a vegetarian wondering how you are going to get your protein?
THE ANSWER:Sprouts are deceptively high in protein, they are 40% protein.  Amazing right?!


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Adequate Hydration

Adequate hydration is one of the first steps to becoming healthy. Water is essential to life. Sustaining your body’s natural hydration levels is key to reach optimal performance through daily activity and exercise.

The body is made up of more than 60% water. The human body relies on water for temperature regulation, proper digestion, joint lubrication, and removal of toxins and waste. The question is how much water is enough? Hydration varies between individuals, according to health and fitness expert Dr. Fereydoon Batmanghelidj, to maintain your body’s natural hydration levels individuals should consume half of their body weight in fluid ounces. For example, a weight of 160lbs should consume approximately 80 ounces of water daily. Hydration can also be monitored with urine color (light: hydration, dark: dehydration) and sweat loss (change in body weight before and after exercise).  When exercising it is important to replenish fluids during and after exercise; the amount of fluid consumed should be based on the duration and intensity of exercise performed.

What to drink when you exercise?  There are several options to choose from when selecting a drink to hydrate with and it varies for each individual. The most convenient and most commonly used fluid is water. It’s free, it’s natural, and it hydrates!


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Grapefruit and Spinach

If weight loss is one of your main objectives make sure you are getting GRAPEFRUIT.  This is GREAT for weight loss because it will stimulate your metabolism.  Also this is a great source of vitamin C.  So low in calorie but packed with taste.
And from the vegetable world make sure you are including a lot of SPINACH.  You cannot get more bang for your buck.  No calories…no carbs…this is a nutritional super food.  Real high in vitamin K, vitamin A, tons of calcium and protein so a fantastic option for vegetarians.

Good luck and I am here to help you with your weight loss and fitness goals in any way I can.


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