How do you know when to replace your athletic shoes?

Did you know that your athletic or running shoes begin wearing out after 200 miles? The max lifespan is about 500 miles depending on the surfaces you run on, or the extra body weight you are carrying. Worn out shoes can be the cause of biomechanical dysfunction and injury.
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“Wow!” That’s what many say who try on a pair of Spira shoes for the first time. People can usually feel the difference right away thanks to Spira’s unique and patented WaveSpring® technology.
The “mechanical” cushioning system can help you do more, go farther, go harder, with less stress on your feet and joints. Think of our technology as “little shock absorbers” for your body. Whether you stand, walk, jog, run, exercise at the gym or take pleasure in leisure activities, Spira can help make all more comfortable and enjoyable.

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