Three Rules for Achieving Your Goal

If you’re looking to make progress in the gym and achieve your fitness goals, there are three rules for success. The same tips have universal benefits no matter if your goal is performance enhancement, body composition alteration, or both. The three main focus points for continued progress in the gym are; Programming, Consistency, and Intensity.

Having a program customized to fit your goals is crucial. There should be no guessing within your routine, but the average gym goer doesn’t have a set plan of attack when they enter a workout. Every exercise should have a place in helping you achieve your goals. This is why it’s important to seek out help from a qualified fitness professional who can not only show you what to do, but also why you should do it and the science behind it.

The best program in the world has little benefit unless you remain consistent to that routine. This means not making excuses for missing workouts. Some days it may be inevitable, but overall try to almost never miss two scheduled workouts in a row. This is what separates those making progress from those wishing they were. If you missed 21 scheduled workouts over the course of last year, it may not have seemed like much week-by-week, but most likely it has played a part in why you haven’t met your goals.

Intensity throughout workouts is a big factor in what separates your average fitness enthusiasts. Intensity means maintaining constant focus, energy, and desire to accomplish every task at hand throughout the entire workout. Without bringing intensity to your workout, it is difficult to progress. When putting all you’ve got into each workout, your progress will blow away the others who just go through the motions.

Allowing yourself to take advantage of these tips is crucial for the progress you’re looking for. In conclusion, seek out a program in line with your goals, keep consistent with what you’re doing, and bring your best to every workout in San Diego.