In This Corner: The Helix 3000 Lateral Trainer

Today I want to introduce you to the Helix 3000 Lateral Trainer! Unlike most cardio machines that typically go forward and backward, the Helix 3000 Lateral Trainer moves the body laterally in a figure 8 motion. This results in stronger muscles of the hip joint and an incredible method to shape both inner and outer thighs. This is done by the clockwise motion, which works the entire leg in 360 degrees of motion.

“The Helix delivers strength training caliber results while blasting fat and calories. You will get the equivalent of a 60-minute workout in just 30-minutes, says a representative from Helix 3000.” In addition, there is zero learning curve. The Helix is user-friendly and completely non-intimidating.

At Point Loma Sports Club in San Diego, we pride ourselves in offering unique equipment that our members will not see in other health clubs in San Diego. The Helix 3000 Lateral Trainer is an innovative machine that once incorporated into your workout program, can be a valuable tool to help you achieve your goals. Very similar to the slide board, the Helix 3000 is a very functional piece of equipment for lateral movement and is used widely by not only fitness clients, but athletes of all levels. Our body moves in 3 planes of motion, by incorporating the Helix 3000 Lateral Trainer, you will now train your body in 3 planes of motion.