Why PLSC BodyPump is SO GOOD!

Claudia Bertelli and myself took Body Pump AIM certification this past Sunday so that we can further advance our pumping skills and to prepare for our Super Saturday Event this Saturday, February 8th in San Diego.  

We learned all the ins and the outsof being the best instructors possible for our Point Loma Sports Club members in San Diego.  Enhancing spot on technique, perfecting our coaching and honing in on our choreography.   

Body Pump in San Diego is definitely a work out that will change lives and we our so honored to have the opportunity to teach this awesome program.

If you have any questions on weight selection or how to take your techniuque to the next level please contact me at crystal@plsportsclub or call at 619-952-9033 in San Diego.

See you all at this Super Saturday in San Diego.  I am so looking forward to rocking the workouts and spending time with our big Point Loma Sports Club family in San Diego!

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