The Sprout

There are a multiple variety of sprouts..some of the most common are alfalfa (the least expensive, but also the most beneficial!), broccoli sprouts and clover sprouts bur there are also the less common like sunflower, buckwheat, pea and fennegreek sprouts.
Some of these need to be grown in dirt and some of these can be just grown in water.The water ones are so great because you can grow them anywhere.  Like I do in a jar in my cupboard.

Just how much more nutritious are these little miracles foods in comparison to other fruits and veggies?
THE ANSWER:They are about 500 TIMES more powerful than their counterparts that are not sprouted.

The least expensive and one of the most nutritious, the alfalfa sprout, in particular has something called, SAPRINON.  This stimulates the immune systems and activate the T-cell that fight free radicals and cancer.

So if you are trying to strengthen your immune system than adding sprouts is a number one priority.

IMPORTANT QUESTION: If you are a vegetarian wondering how you are going to get your protein?
THE ANSWER:Sprouts are deceptively high in protein, they are 40% protein.  Amazing right?!


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