Breath Slower

When people get frustrated, intense, nervous, angry and all those other emotional states that cause disease and stress within the body, they begin to breath faster. If we can pause…take a deep breath… we begin to see the situation and our own reactions in a clearer light. Every single living human, every single minute of every single day, takes 8-12 breaths per minute. If the breath is something so consistent and so vital to our everyday life, perhaps we should give it a closer look.

Being that I spend a lot of time helping people reach their health and lifestyle goals here in San Diego, I get many opportunities to hear what motivates people to run that extra mile and rep out their last set…and over the course of 10 years only one person has asked me to address his breathing issues, and that is because his wife said if he continues to snore as he does she will be forced to move out.

Even though the two main breathing muscles, the diaphragm and the intercostal muscles, cannot be seen… by no means justifies that they shouldn’t be trained. Stop right now and breath in for 8 seconds…feel how your chest expands, you puff up and you feel more alert, right? Imagine if you everyday you gave yourself a chance to have a full deep breath! There are hundreds of ways to train those deep breathing muscles and train our bodies to be more and more efficient with how we consume oxygen. Start doing a little research on pranayama or step into a yoga practice and let your body and mind expand!


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