Achey Muscles

The Point Loma Sports Club staff did the Spartan Race on Saturday, January 25th in San Diego. 

We had so much fun crawling under barbed wire, jumping over inverted walls, swimming through muddy waters and lugging cinder blocks up rocky, mountanous tundra.

I definitely gave it my 100% effort and pushed my body to the max so that I could stick with Point Loma Sports Club Spartan Race head trainer and super star Brandon Faulkner.

I thought for sure by now my body would be recovered but I am incredibly sore.

Thank heaven’s for our Yoga classes which Increase oxygenation of tissuesImproves joint healthNourishes Inter-vertebral discsImproves return of venous blood, and increases circulation of lymph.

Plus I am spending more focused time with the foam rollers.  As I iron out the wrinkles in my rumpled musculature.


Look forward to seeing you in the yoga room and the stretching sanctuary.


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