AB Shredder

Even though we’re seeing the final days of Summer in San Diego, it doesn’t quite mean we throw in the towel for fitness & throw on the sweatpants! So we’re at it again, our staff at PLSC wants you to feel your best ALL year round; that’s why we’ve put together four moves to add at the end of your workout routine that will feeling & looking shredded (literally!).

As many know, diet plays a large part in how your mid-section looks – if your constantly doing sit-ups and crunches but chowing down on a large pizza and wings for dinner,  then wondering why you can’t see ab definition… well… you’re working against yourself. But if our diets aren’t 100% on point at all times, but tend to stay somewhat consistent, training your abdomen will have the results you see and feel.

Try these moves the next time your at the gym (Point Loma Sports Club in San Diego), at your house before bed, or even when you’re bored. All you have to do is perform each exercise for 30 seconds and repeat 3 times. And just like that badaboom, badabing, you’re done!

To get the real look at how to perform each exercise, watch our PLSC trainers on Fox 5 San Diego!


: Lay on your back with knees bent and feet firmly planted on the ground. Hinge upward with your hands behind head, try to keep your chin away from your chest (imagine having an orange between your chin & chest).


: This is for all the surfers and swimmers out there who want a little core action before hitting the water in San Diego. Lay flat on your stomach keeping your ankles/feet and shoulders/chin off the ground. In this position, alternate your hands and feet in a slight swimming motion (the faster you paddle, the bigger the burn!)


: The dreaded plank… the core exercise we all love (no seriously though, we love it). Hold yourself up – booty down – keeping your elbows firmly on the ground directly below your shoulder blades. Your toes should also be planted firmly on the ground. Place your knees on the ground to regress this movement; move from your elbows to your hands to progress.

4. V-UPS

:  Sit on your bum with knees bent and hands planted firmly behind you, giving yourself some good stability. When you’re ready, lift your feet off the ground bringing your knees in to & from your chest (like an upward crunch). If you want to progress this movement, simply move your hands from the ground to out in front of you.


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